This pocket-sized sensor matches colors to 31,000 name brand paints

The human eye is an incredible, beautiful thing; but it's not perfect, especially when it comes to matching colors. Whether you're repainting your bedroom or picking out colors for a website, eyeballing it isn't the way to go. You're better off with the Nix Mini Color Sensor, a pocket-sized device that matches color with unparalleled precision and portability. It's on sale in the Boing Boing shop for $69.

Named the #1 Recommended Paint Color Matching Tool by CNET, the Nix Mini scans any color critical surface, saves it to your phone or tablet, and matches it to an existing color library of more than 31,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. It's smaller than a ping pong ball and fits on your keychain for easy portability. Plus, it's engineered with integrated high CRI white LEDs, so you get a consistent, accurate light source for every scan.

The Nix Mini normally retails for $99, but you can get your own in the Boing Boing shop for $69 today.