Russian feminist blogger faces 5 years for "inciting hatred" against men

Kazakh blogger Lyubov Kalugina has been charged under Russia's Article 282, an "anti-extremism" law now being used by men who claim women sharing jokes and memes offend them. Via Quartz:

She says investigators showed her screenshots of the offending passages, which include a meme of a woman with a frying pan, captioned "Beat up a brute, save Russia!" Kalugina says that 90% of the screenshots are either jokes or arguments between feminists. "I didn't think you're not even allowed to make jokes," she told the website MediaZona."It's completely absurd to equate little jokes—even silly ones—to calls that actually lead people to go and kill other people."

Most of her videos are simply talking to camera.

Russian authorities have charged a feminist blogger with "inciting hatred"

Image: YouTube screencap