Why you should build your brand with a .tech domain name

The web is vast, but real estate is limited even in this digital space. As such, there's a major saturation of .com domains online, preventing new players from getting their first choice domain name and ultimately forcing them to rename products or rebrand entirely just to build their digital footprint. However, choosing a .tech domain name for your brand can help you sidestep much of the saturation. You can register and use a .tech domain name for 10 years through Radix, all for $54.99.

With a myriad of unregistered domains available, adopting a .tech domain gives you a much better shot at getting that first choice name, and it puts you in the same space as industry giants, like Consumer Electronics Show and Intel, as well as freelance programmers, tech enthusiasts, and the like.

You can net a .tech domain through Radix and build your online presence without compromise for $54.99 in the Boing Boing Store.