For sale (in Canada, natch): A Cadillac Snowcat stretch limo

Tackle winter's snow in over-the-top eighties luxury with this snowcat stretch limo, posted on Craigslist by its owner Robert Falck of Vancouver. This mashup of an old Bombardier SV250 Skidozer and a 1989 Cadillac Brougham limousine can be yours for the low price of $6,000 CAD (approx. $4,575 USD).


Falck said he built this contraption for a movie, which featured a rich guy who owned a ski resort. When filming was done, the Vancouverite decided to buy the Caddy back. Now it's up for sale on Craigslist for a price that, he says, doesn't reflect what he's put into the vehicle.

Falck says the thing will move, but it's not likely to climb a mountain or blaze its own trail; the vehicle is best left on groomed trails, and it's not likely to exceed 15 mph.

Still, despite the vehicle's limited practicality, the builder says the Cadillac Snowcat has been popular among Craigslisters. "I'm literally fielding about 30 calls a day," he told me over the phone.

Thanks, Eveline!