Use VR to travel through a duck's amazing vagina

The internet is perpetually amused and fascinated by the crazy, corkscrewing duck penis, but commonsense dictates that if fella ducks have crazy willies, then lady ducks will have equally amazing hoo-hahs.

Science educator Jules Howard created the VR Duck Genitalia Explorer for Google Cardboard as a way to restore balance to the duckiverse, getting Mount Holyoke University bioscience prof Patricia Brennan to narrate it.

Motherboard's Samantha Cole tried it out and likened it to a "rollercoaster ride."

I'm faced with a cavernous greyish path ahead of me, propelled forward with red arrows through the vag like I'm on a rollercoaster. The inside of a duck feels a bit claustrophobic, but Brennan soothingly tells me that what I'm seeing are a series of blind turns, followed by spirals. There's a pouch in the entrance that the male penis must navigate around, but most times, the penis gets stuck at this impasse, giving the female more control about who impregnates her.

I'm proud of this duck, actually. Each twist and turn inside this labyrinthine reproductive system is a new challenge, to be met only by the most worthy mate.

Take a Rollercoaster Ride Through a Duck's Vagina in Virtual Reality [Samantha Cole/Motherboard]