One espresso tamper to rule them all

This is my 58mm espresso tamper of choice!

I stopped drinking coffee years ago. I drank mostly Barry's Gold Blend tea. Over the course of this summer I have gone on a serious fitness kick, lost 20lbs, gained a ton of muscle, and STOPPED DRINKING TEA (first thing, I still drink it later.)

Espresso is back, baby!

It was amazing how quickly, like with the first double shot, I regained my skill for tamping the grounds. Years ago I was a mess, failing to level the tamped grounds correctly, or over tamping them so the h2o couldn't pass through.

This tamper has a skull on it. Get the metal, not the wood, because wood doesn't deal in the dish washer very well. I keep an alternate 58/51 tamper for when this one needs cleaning. It came with an earlier machine.

No longer easing myself into my day, I start it with a giant shock of espresso.

I still love Barry's.

Diguo Espresso Coffee Tamper Flat Based Espresso Tamper for 58mm Portafilter Basket Hefty 18/8 Stainless Steel Flat Base Tamper Top Grade via Amazon