Korean 'Uncle Service' lets you hire thugs to intimidate your kids' bullies

For 500,000 KRW (443 USD), an Uncle Service will send a rough-looking, hulking man to your bullied kid's school to warn the bullies to stop picking on them — or else. This is called the "Uncle Package."

If you're feeling spendier, the 400,000 KRW (354 USD) "Evidence Package" involves the "uncle" making a video-recording of the bullies in action, then showing it to the school administrators and demanding action on pain of having the video released to the school board.

The top tier is the 2 million KRW (1,772 USD) "Chaperone Package": the "uncle" will picket in front of the bullies' parents' place of work, bellowing "A parent of a bully works here."

Many are perceiving the 'Uncle Service' in a positive light. However, there are concerns about the service. Professor Kim Yoon Tae of Korea University stated, "Private sanction is just another form of violence. School violence needs to be resolved by improving the system."

Parents are hiring intimidating 'uncles' to protect their child from school bullying [yckim124/Allkpop]

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