Watch this evocative trailer for a digital design event

OFFF Milan is known for putting together great promotional work for their annual digital design event, and this year's trailer sets a remarkable tone.

Via designer Xiaolin Zeng:

It's a great opportunity to explore and learn new things while making event titles. The starting idea is from real life experience that I had several travels to my father's hometown where is the rural area of China, and the visual of electric Tower and woods hiding in the mist struck me. Also, I was living in a city where construction is going very frequently, which influenced my mood a lot. As a result, I'd like to make a film which the storyline goes from misty woods to industrialized city where construction is heavy. I looked into lots of materials in which have a giant as the main character and find several films and concept art, like Simon Stalenhag, Jakub Rozalski and EVA in which I learned a lot from their shot composition, and also give me a clear vision that the giant should be in a thin and incomplete body shape. While making the title sequence, I encountered the Netflix new TV series called "Dark", I learned a lot about its color set also its soundtrack inspired the sound designer as well. This work is a huge combination of inspiration, but it starts with a real-life experience.The original color set is black and white, but I decided to use more natural color and make the sequence more like an old century film. Besides the video, there are initial black and white posters I want to show you as well.​​​​​​​

Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano 2018 Main Titles (Vimeo / zaoeyo)