Photos: Hong Kong Disneyland in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Mangkhut

All of Hong Kong was devastated by the violence of Super Typhoon Mangkhut this week, but there's something really striking about the damage to Hong King Disneyland -- a perfect little jewel of a themepark. It's in the contrast of the very carefully maintained surface veneer of the park and the damage from the storm.

Obviously the center of the tragedy in the region is not in the damage to its themeparks, but visually, these shots of the damage to HKDL (gathered from Facebook and elsewhere by Disney and More's Alain Littaye (particularly those taken by Diane Richmond, like the one above) are really shocking and cinematic.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut severely hit Hong Kong yesterday ( see previous post below ) with winds of 173 kilometers per hour (107 miles per hour) and gusts up to 223 kilometers per hour (138 miles per hour) and, as feared, it also hit Hong Kong Disneyland located on Lantau Island.

The park was closed yesterday and is still closed ( see below HKDL announcement on their website ). And there is a good reason why HKDL is always closed today as HKDL is devastated, specially the trees and vegetation but also some electrical poles which fell down, as you'll see on the pictures below.

Photos : Hong Kong Disneyland Devastated By Super Typhoon Mangkhut [Alain Littaye/Disney and More]