My Wahoo Tickr and Cadence sensors need replacement batteries

I am proud of me. My heart rate tracker, and my cadence sensor, both need their CR2032 batteries replaced from actual USE!

Yesterday, during my 4x a week ride on my faux Peloton exercise bike, I noticed that my cadence sensor was not registering. At first I was all in a panic, because I am a desperate data addict. Should I stop exercising? Was the session legit if I didn't record all my stats? Woul an already inaccurate calories burnt estimation be even more estimated and inaccurate?

Who cares?

I finished the ride and later remembered to search Amazon for new CR2032 batteries.

If the Wahoo sensors last, This pack of 8 should last me 4 years, if the batteries make it to their 2023 expiration date. They'll be in my freezer!

I am looking forward to starting some Heart Rate Zone training, so it'll be good to have everything working again.

8 Pack AmVolt CR2032 Battery 220mAh 3 Volt Lithium Battery Coin Button Cell 2023 Expiry Date via Amazon

Wahoo TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor and Workout Tracker with Memory for iPhone and Android via Amazon

Wahoo Cadence Sensor for iPhone, Android and Bike Computers via Amazon