This portable microscope camera magnifies objects up to 1,000x

The human eye is a beautiful, incredible thing, but it's far from perfect, especially when it comes to examining objects up close. Capable of magnifying objects up to 1,000 times, this portable microscope camera lets you see wonders hidden to your regular vision, and it's on sale today for $38.99.

Don't let its compact size fool you. While this camera is designed to be portable, it doesn't skimp on power. The camera can switch between 40x and 1,000x magnification levels with ease, letting you examine everything from the facets on your wedding ring to the intricate scales and patterns on a butterfly wing. It uses a dynamic image sensor and 8 super-bright white LED lights to create crisp, detailed images; and it even comes with a stabilizing stand so you can ensure you're taking quality images.

Whether you're looking for a new research tool or just something to take more stunning photos, this device has you covered. It normally retails for $129.99, but you can get it on sale today for $38.99.