3D print this Harriet Tubman stamp and fix all those twenties that Mnuchin forgot to take Andrew Jackson off of

As of 2020, Harriet Tubman — revolutionary anti-racist hero — was supposed to replace Andrew Jackson (authoritarian, genocidal stain on the American project) on the $20 bill, with Jackson moving to the other side of the bill as a sop to racist idiots.

But then Donald Trump was elected and he appointed archvillain Steve Mnuchin (previously) to run the Treasury, and Mnuchin killed the project, explaining that "we have a lot more important issues to focus on."

Now, thanks to Dano Wall, you can fix this unfortunate oversight and lend Mnuchin a hand with his heavy workload of important issues, by DIYing any twenties that pass through your hands into Tubman Twenties, with a stamp that you can 3D print. Defacing currency as a form of protest over inequality is at least as old as the suffragette movement.

And, as I noted last year when this first came around, it's apparently legal under US law.


(via Kottke)