Kavanaugh faces gang rape claims. Third woman "witness and victim" to be revealed, Avenatti says

Attorney Michael Avenatti told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that his client, whom he describes as a "witness and a victim," is going to come forward within the next 48 hours with new allegations against Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Just before the television interview, host Rachel Maddow read from what appears to be a list of questions drafted by Avenatti for witnesses of a claimed gang rape oragnized by Kavanaugh and his longtime friend and alleged drinking buddy Mark Judge.

The Supreme Court nominee is apparently going to be accused by Avenatti of participating in gang rape.

Kavanaugh's third accuser has received multiple government clearances, including a "secret" clearance, said Avenatti. This fact was repeated a few times, presumably to emphasize the woman's credibility.

Avenatti told Rachel Maddow that "Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh were joined at the hip" in their high school days.

"I'm confident that those facts and circumstances are going to be disqualifying for Brett Kavanaugh," he said tonight.

Avenatti also gave a sitdown to CNN's Chris Cuomo tonight. And, he's speaking at a political fundraiser in Los Angeles this evening. Busy guy.