Want to spend 30 hours in a coffin? Six Flags is looking for you

Wanna win $300? Are you not claustrophobic in any way, shape, or form?

Six Flags St. Louis is looking for you.

As part of their 30th Fright Fest anniversary celebration, they're searching for six "coffin dwellers" to (attempt to) spend 30 hours in a "slightly used" 2'X7' coffin (minus hourly six-minute bathroom breaks).

Their "30-Hour Coffin Challenge" has a prize package that includes $300, two Gold season passes, a prize package, and… wait for it… the coffin you laid in for 30 hours and never want to see again. Now everyone who makes it to the bitter end of the challenge will get all the prizes listed above EXCEPT for the 300 bucks. For that, a drawing will be held.

If you're interested**, sign up before October 3rd. The contest will be held October 13-14 at the Missouri park. Meals and phone charging stations are provided by Six Flags.

photo by Tabbycatz_68

**Psst… don't do this.