Make writing painless with a Cambridge tutor's guide

Do your college essays still give you nightmares? You're not alone. A blank page or screen can be a terrifying sight, but a University of Cambridge tutor's new course can help you hit that keyboard with confidence.

Dr. Clare Lynch has de-mystified academic writing and communication for students, business executives and government officials worldwide, and that experience is packed into her comprehensive course Writing With Impact: Writing That Persuades. Whether you're looking to present your best self in a business proposal, cover letter or blog, Lynch's examples will clear the path to winning prose. Over 4 hours of training, you'll develop your voice and confidence as a writer and learn valuable persuasion techniques that professional writers use. Whether you're writing outreach emails or commerce posts, you'll be able to improve your writing skills and get better results.

This course is only $9.99 when you enroll today.