Performer plays flute from wrong end

Is it even possible to play a flute from the wrong end? I suspect Milli Vanillism here.

From the YouTube description:

A woman played a cucurbit flute from the wrong end during the Mid-Autumn Festival performance.

The funny clip, shot in Qiqihar City in Heilongjiang Province on September 23, shows the woman named Yang Shurong playing the cucurbit flute upside-down while performing the pop song 'Moonlight Over the Lotus Pond' with several others (playing correctly) on stage.

The male performer standing beside her tries to help her turn the cucurbit flute around but she refuses.

According to reports, Yang was the organizer of the performance.

Reportedly Yang was playing that way because staff had passed the cucurbit flute to her backward, and she did not want to affect the performance by turning it around.

Yang held the flute in the incorrect position for the rest of the performance.

She has since been temporarily banned from future performances, reports said.