Curtains Up, a short film on movies and meditation featuring David Lynch

Stella McCartney profiles David Lynch in this moody piece on the joys of cinema and transcendental meditation.

Via Nowness:

Having both reflected and refracted the modern world—from the provincial eeriness of Blue Velvet to the urban grime of Mulholland Drive—Lynch's work has consistently probed the magical and often dreamlike qualities of film. The LA-based director puts it simply: "Cinema is its own language." For Lynch, watching film—waiting for the curtains to rise, before descending into another world—shares many qualities with the inward reflection of meditation. This is especially relevant at a time when the subject matter of many films dips anxiously into modern darkness. But, as Lynch points out, "the filmmaker doesn't have to be suffering to show suffering."

Throughout the film, an eclectic cast of cameos and creative talents make appearances (including McCartney herself) in order to highlight the benefits of transcendental meditation in addressing trauma and the epidemic of toxic stress. The collaboration was created in support of the works of the David Lynch Foundation, whose aim is to prevent these issues from further spreading.

David Lynch in "Curtain's Up", from Stella McCartney (YouTube / Nowness)