"Like Lord of the Flies": working at the TSA really sucks

A new report summarizing three years of investigationsfrom the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the TSA calls out the agency for its "toxic leadership culture, misconduct, mismanagement, whistleblower retaliation and obstruction," citing these as the reason for the agency's 20% annual attrition rates.

The report was a long time coming, faced many hurdles and featured many lowlights, like the 2016 testimony of Office of the Chief Risk Officer program manager Mark Livingston, who described working for the TSA as like "Lord of the Flies; you either attack or be attacked."

The committee was forced to subpoena the documents in 2017. However, many were still held back, and those that were turned over were heavily redacted with little-to-no justification. DHS and TSA continue to refuse to provide the full scope of unredacted documents, the report said.

The report also detailed multiple instances of TSA senior leadership conducting themselves inappropriately. One executive pursued a relationship with a subordinate, then admitted to purposely misleading investigators. Though OPR recommended dismissal, he agreed to a settlement including a 14-day suspension and demotion, but no loss of pay.

Another executive was convicted of driving while intoxicated, and attempted to claim falsely to police that she wasn't operating the vehicle, but a member of TSA's Aviation Security Advisory Committee was. Again, OPR recommended dismissal, but the executive settled for a 14-day suspension.

A third executive got away with sexually harassing employees, and making racially offensive remarks for seven years before finally being dismissed.

Report blasts TSA leadership for 'toxic culture,' blames it for high attrition, poor morale [David Thornton/Federal News Radio]

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