These invisible earplugs are a concertgoer's guardian angel

That persistent ringing in your ears after a long night at the club or a marathon concert? It's not just an annoyance. It's a warning. Tinnitus is no joke, and long exposure to sound levels over 85 decibels can permanently damage your ears. But if you really love the music, make sure you can listen as long as possible with EarDial: The Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music.

Made of transparent, hypoallergenic silicone, EarDial plugs won't stand out like other colored earplugs, thereby eliminating the stigma of being "that" guy or gal at the club. And that's not all they eliminate: The high-fidelity noise filter blocks out dangerous frequencies without sacrificing sound quality. The companion phone app measures the volume wherever you are, letting you know how long you can safely party with or without the EarDials. They store safely in a durable aluminum case, and you'll get an extra dose of good vibes knowing you're not the only one protected. For every purchase, EarDial donates 5% of profits to charities that support those suffering from hearing loss. Get the EarDial Invisible Smart Earplugs now for a 39% discount of $19.99.