Residents of Sydney's gayborhood are getting hate-mail signed by "Jesus"

People who live in the LGBT-identified Sydney neighborhood of Darlinghurst are getting letters through their door signed by "Jesus" that blame queer people for extreme weather (drought, hail); "Jesus" also takes credit for felling the (admittedly horrible) former PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Among other things, "Jesus" takes credit for the removal of the "wicked" former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, warns that Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore should "humble [herself]", and blames the drought on Australia's decision to vote Yes in last year's marriage equality postal survey.

The message takes issue with homosexuality, same-sex marriage, no-fault divorce, sodomy, pornography, and general fucking — which hardly leaves any fun stuff for us to enjoy if "Jesus" gets his way.

"Jesus" Is Posting Homophobic Letters In The Heart Of Sydney's Gay District [Rob Stott/Junkee]