Gig economy leaving you behind? Here's 6 ways to find your side hustle

It's the age of the gig economy for good reason. With an unlimited market out there on the internet, side hustles are as easy as finding your voice and finding an audience. Whether it's podcasting, writing or design, these training courses are an easy mentor for your transition from hobbyist to hustler.


Start a Podcast

From first mic check to your 100th post, this training guide covers everything you need to start and grow your podcast. Seasoned pros supply tips on gear and technique, storytelling and even video production with more than 35 hours of lectures and exercises.

Get it now: All 10 courses of the Podcasting 101 Bundle are on sale now for $29 with lifetime access.


Become an eBook Publisher

The advent of Amazon, Kindle and the eBook explosion has made it easier than ever to get your story out there. It can be somewhat more intimidating to actually get it read. This course gives you more than just writing tips – it gives you insider info on how to monetize that novel and prove what fans of reading have known all along: Content is still king.

Get it now: The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle is on sale for $29.99.


Learn how to Design in the Adobe Suite

Are you more visually creative? There's no shortage of jobs for freelance designers out there – if they know their tools. Get the know-how with lifetime access to the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle, which unlocks the unlimited possibilities of Abobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lighthouse and more. And for mobile apps and web designers, there's a great deal on Icon54's library of professional-grade vector icons.

Get it now: The Complete Adobe Master Bundle for $39 or Icon54 for $19.


Develop Fully-functional Websites

With more than 30 hours of walkthroughs and exercises, this comprehensive boot camp will show you how to find and widen your niche on the internet with apps and websites that are functional, original and up-to-date. Development vet Rob Percival covers HTML5, Python, PHP 7, MySQL 5 – everything you need to build your site and career.

Get it now: The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, lifetime access for $25.


Learn about Freelancing

If we haven't already made it clear, there's a market for everything. And one of the biggest markets is Amazon. With a special focus on how to break your product into FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), this bundle goes beyond a single marketing platform with comprehensive guides to YouTube, residual income and financial modeling for any small business.

Get it now: The Ultimate Side Hustle Bundle: Amazon FBA & Freelancing is $49 for nine courses.


Grow a Small Business with eCommerce and Dropshipping

Whether your side biz is selling pet rocks or custom cars, you'll need to operate as fast as the internet in order to take advantage of it. These 9 courses teach you how to build a profitable dropshipping business from the ground up on a variety of platforms like eBay, Shopify, Oberlo or Amazon FBA.

Get it now: The Complete Dropshipping Mastery Bundle for $39.