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Babysitter leaves toddler on stranger's doorstep and drives off

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A woman in charge of a toddler, whose mother was in the hospital, was supposed to drop him off at his father's house. But when the father wasn't home, the woman – who is a friend of the mother's (hopefully not anymore) – instead drops him off on the porch of a stranger's house. The way she carries him by only one arm can't be comfortable for him. She knocks on the door and scrams, leaving the little guy standing there all alone.

Fortunately, someone, who was trustworthy, was home. According to The Washington Post:

A woman answered a knock at her door to find the small boy standing there alone and called 911, Spencer said. Sheriff's deputies canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on every door nearby, including the father's, officials told reporters, according to the Chronicle. The father was not at home at the time.

The child's father, Willie Simmons, spoke to reporters on Thursday.

"If that was her child, she wouldn't have left him," he said, according to the Chronicle. "Just imagine if my nice neighbors weren't there. My son would have wandered in the street and got hit."

The toddler, who wasn't hurt, will be reunited with his family.

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