Drunk tourists face 10 years for spray painting ancient wall in Thailand

Liverpudlian Furlong Lee and Canadian Brittney Lorretta Katherine Schneider of Canada, both 23, are learning the hard way that getting caught spray painting graffiti on a 800-year-old fortress in Thailand is taken a bit more seriously than in their home countries. The pair face 10 years in prison for painting "Scousse Lee" and the letter "B" on the wall. (Scouser is the slang term for a person hailing from Liverpool, named after scouse, a kind of anything-goes stew.)

From Metro:

A manhunt was launched for Lee and he was arrested with Brittney Schneider, from Canada, who was with him at the time at the Mad Monkey Hostel. They said that they found the spray can on the ground and decided to spray the wall as a 'prank'. The pair of 23-year-olds were frog-marched to the site where they confessed to the crime and have been told they could face up to 10 years in prison for desecrating a historical site. Lieutenant Colonel Teerasak Sriprasert: 'The graffiti says "Scousse Lee". This means "Scouser Lee from Liverpool". The girl is called Brittney and she wrote a letter "B" on the wall. 'Officers investigated the vandalism after it was seen on CCTV cameras. The offenders were tracked to a guest house near the same road as the wall. The accused will be investigated and prosecuted according to the law.'

Image: Viral Press