'AN ACT OF TERROR' — Packages sent to 7+ targets, CNN, Obamas, Clintons, Soros, Cuomo, Holder, Maxine Waters

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS STORY, AND WILL BE UPDATED. Authorities in New York are holding a press conference on 7 or more suspicious packages, some of which contained pipe bombs, sent to political targets, mostly in New York state. On the face of it, the coordinated attack appears to be an attempt to assassinate up to 7 different perceived political enemies of President Donald Trump.

One or more of the packages also contained envelopes that had an unknown white powder inside.

All of the targets are perceived as activist Democrats.

Targets include former first families the Obamas and the Clintons, NY governor Andrew Cuomo, philanthropist George Soros, the headquarters of CNN in New York, and former Attorney General Eric Holder. An additional package addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was intercepted at a U.S. Congress mail facility, which was not located on-site where the congresswoman works.

The bomb sent to Holder ended up being re-routed to the return address of Florida Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, in Florida. There was no package addressed to her, but multiple packages had her address as the return address.

The CNN package got all the way into the mailroom.

During the live TV briefing, New York governor Andrew Cuomo revealed that his office in Manhattan also received a package similar to the ones sent to others, which contained explosive devices.

An ATF official said during the press conference that the device sent to CNN was a pipe bomb.

NYPD said the device sent to CNN was "a live explosive device," and the implication is that this and other devices had the capacity to kill. None of the devices went off. Their lethality has not yet been confirmed by bomb technicians.

Feds wouldn't disclose during the press conferences exactly what was in the package, but said 'it was consistent with the other packages.'

The investigation is ongoing. Authorities appear to be saying that various devices sent to the Clintons in New York, the Obamas at one of their addresses, George Soros in New York, Maxine Waters, and Eric Holder (rerouted to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) were similar in nature and capacity.

Mayor Bill de Blasio: "I want to make clear the people of New York will not be intimidated, we are going to go about our lives undeterred."

No specific threats to other areas of the city at this time, the mayor says, but media locations around the city will get extra police presence.

It's not clear exactly how these devices were sent.

Nothing is known yet about any suspects.

This post was last updated at 10:41am Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.