The most vomitous $10 million mansions on Zillow

Katie Notopoulos of Buzzfeed has found a new way to amuse herself — looking at houses on Zillow that cost more than $10 million, yet still suck.

So I moved the sliding toggle out of the price range that might, in theory, be realistic for me, to find houses in the area that cost more than $10 million — just out of curiosity. And what I found was pure, hideous, tacky, gilded-and-marble joy.

I found mansions with suits of armor in the hallway, made to look like medieval castles. Mansions clearly built in the '80s, with custom white metal railings, by a Miami Vice fan. A mansion in Connecticut that is literally a replica of Monticello, a Nashville mansion with a giant custom pirate ship bed that belongs to Big Kenny from Big & Rich (I googled the address), a '90s purple explosion that belonged to Eddie Murphy (I learned that when I called the realtor to ask for permission to use the photos in this article; apparently his ex-wife sold it after their divorce). Mansions on Staten Island that, well, look like mansions on Staten Island.

Image: Zillow