Bernie Sanders introduces the Stop Walmart Act: no stock buybacks without a $15 minimum wage

Bernie Sanders's latest legislative proposal is the Stop Walmart Act; Sanders describes Walmart as the "poster child for corporate greed" and uses that as a launching point to propose a ban on stock buybacks from companies unless they pay their lowest-waged employees $15/hour.

It's a followup to his Stop Bezos Act, a proposal that ultimately shamed Amazon to raising its minimum wage to $15.

In a call with reporters, the independent senator from Vermont reiterated his praise of Amazon, saying that he believes every worker impacted by the change saw their overall compensation rise, with some employees seeing huge pay increases of up to 50%.

Sanders has also called out other profitable companies, including American Airlines and McDonald's, for paying low wages.

Bernie Sanders unveils Stop Walmart Act [Tami Luhby/CNN Business]