Focus in on a photography career with this online course

Ever wondered what it takes to make the transition from amateur photography to a full career? If you answered "a better camera," you're half right. Before you get the equipment, get the know-how to use it with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification.

Taught by experienced pros, this course is geared towards shutterbugs of any level of experience. On your first day, you'll learn simple techniques that will get you taking better photos right away. You'll then explore every aspect of photography, from picking the right gear to framing to the perfect shot in a variety of conditions. You can even gain feedback on your pictures from Level 3-certified Pro Tutors on your way to professional certification.

The 22-module, 54-hour course comes with a free 5 years of access to HAI's Pro Article Database, and it's on sale now for a substantial discount off the regular price. Get started on the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $19 today.