Flatulence lends a hand at the Grand Slam of Darts

Dutch dart enthusiast Wesley Harms claims he could not play his best in the Grand Slam of Darts semi-finals due to poor air quality.

From Deadspin:

In case you missed it, Scottish dart player Gary Anderson defeated Dutchman Wesley Harms 10-2 to earn a spot in the quarterfinals of the Gland Slam of Darts. But the match was not without a whiff of controversy. In a post-match interview, Harms claimed that he wasn't able to play to the best of his abilities because there was a terrible smell on stage that likely came from the posterior of his opponent. He said Anderson left a "fragrant smell" behind and that it will "take [him] two nights to lose this smell from my nose."

Those might have seemed like harsh comments coming from a likely frustrated loser, but it's not as though Anderson did a great job defending the honor of his ass. Rather than play the "whoever smelt it, dealt it" card, the Scotsman went some serious lengths to deny any and all accusations.