Rude guest stories

While it's true that everything is political, I appreciate the opportunity to also be filled with rage about something unrelated to the specific issues, personas and parties of contemporary political discourse. So I heartily enjoyed reading the thread on Reddit titled "What's the rudest thing a guest has ever done in your home?".

Had some relatives over, and despite very, very clear instructions to not flush feminine products down the toilet, they did anyways. Destroyed our septic field, almost $10000 in damages overall. When confronted, they just denied it, despite the fact that the 32 pads that where pulled out of the system matches the brand that they had while they were over.

stole medicine out of my bathroom after eating my food, and smoking all my cigs that were on the table. i know they stole the medicine because of the blood curdling scream that come out of the bathroom because the medicine they ingested was the pills from a UTI. they numb your biz but make you piss bright red. dumbass thought he was dying. i didn't even invite him, he was a roommates guest.

My sister used to bring her psychotic mini schnauzer over to play with my dogs against my wishes, until my catahoula realized she could fit the schnauzer's entire head into her mouth. The little dog wasn't hurt, but after that my sister didn't insist on bringing her.

I feel kind of bad for that dog now, I haven't heard anything about it since my sister had a kid.

Not nearly in the same ballpark as the rest of these, but my in-laws always just walk right in like they own the place. Drives me fucking nuts.

A couple years ago I put some vinyl window tinting on the front door to keep the house cooler in the summer. I could see out the window but no one could see in. I'd lock the door and enjoy the looks of confusion on their faces as they tried to open the door and couldn't.

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