Become a certified Excel expert with this online master class

In the business world, it's hard to find a job where you don't need Excel expertise. And it can be tough to prove that expertise to employers without an extensive background in data entry. Enter the Microsoft Excel Diploma Master Class, an online program that not only teaches you the ropes but lets you take the reins.

Tailored to any level of experience, this course builds a firm foundation by teaching one small, easily-processed concept at a time. Soon, you'll be moving from the simple task of entering data to complex calculations, automating time-saving macros and constructing your own workbooks and worksheets. Along the way, you'll log CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours, resulting in a certification that will prove to employers you have the skills for any workplace.

Kickstart your career with the Microsoft Excel Diploma Master Class, now available for $19 – down from the original MSRP of $395.