Gentleman steals $2,100 from an office safe, then gets busted after falling asleep mid-robbery

A man on the federal wanted list for repeated crimes in Russia broke into an office building and stole 140,000 rubles ($2,100 USD) from a safe. He had brought a toolbox worth of tools, including "screwdrivers, wire cutters, a hammer, a nail puller, and a bunch of keys, to break into several private company offices, looking for valuables," according to Oddity Central.

But before taking off, he spotted a leather armchair and couldn't resist. The gentleman took a seat and fell into a deep slumber, bungling any plan of escape.

Asleep for hours, he was finally spotted on a security camera. Police came and had an easy time nabbing the man, who was still snoozing comfortably with his bag of cash.

Needless to say, the 36-year-old burglar was arrested.

Image: Mohamed Hassan/; CCO Public Domain