UH-OH! Trump to give 'Hanukkah remarks' again ?

Brace yourself. President Trump and others in the image above are facing an imminent criminal prosecution showdown, but tomorrow Donald is due to give 'Hanukkah remarks' again. Have some popcorn handy, this should be bonkers.


Remember last year, when Trump blessed "The Jewish People" with an "especially special" Hanukkah at the White House a day after declaring Jerusalem Israel's capital and lighting the entire world's butt's on fire?

No? Watch it again.

If Melania reads out the Holocaust death statistics again in that godawful repressed eastern european drawl, I swear I'm gonna hurl.

This could be Kushner's last Hanukkah outside of prison. One hopes.

Watch Trump trump the stupidity of his 2017 Hanukkah remarks tomorrow.

(via Daniel Dale)