The new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite got my kid to take a bath

My daughter was actually convinced to take a bath, upon learning her new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof.

I think we have a photo of every member of our extended family, from grandparents to cousins, looking angrily at the camera as they are disrupted from reading upon their Kindle! This holiday season it became time for my 11-year-old to join our club. When she asked for a Kindle for the holidays my parents jumped at the opportunity to provide. Members of our family are rarely separated from their Kindle.

Earlier this year I mistakenly left my Kindle in a hotel room someplace. The drama over my Kindle's return faded my feelings for my, now former, traveling companion but I have my Voyage back! Lucky for me, too, as Amazon has end-of-life'd my favorite reader.

Kindle Voyage next to Waterproof Paperwhite

The new Paperwhite is a pretty complete replacement for both the Paperwhite and the Voyage. The screen is identical, and now flush mounted with no annoying bezel. The lack of haptic "buttons" won't bother many users, and the new backlighting is really, really even! Device weight, battery life and other features are so similar as to not merit discussion.

Waterproof is the 'big deal.' Paperwhite can take being submerged for up to two minutes at 2 meters, in fresh water. The ocean is not your friend.

We have started family book club. It was very easy to share a single checked out book from the library across both our devices. We discussed the first two chapters of Chris Colfer's Land of Stories on the way to school this morning. Car to School Book Club is born.

I am sure that pissed off picture of my daughter, wondering why I'm interrupting her reading, will soon be added to the family photo share.

Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof via Amazon