The three coolest places in the world are Setouchi, Antarctica, and Pittsburgh

Photo: Alexander Day (cc)

National Geographic compiled its list of the twenty coolest places on planet Earth in 2019. The top three: the small Japanese town of Setouchi, the continent of Antarctica, and the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Setouchi has the world's greatest small-town art scene and the coast looks like something from a movie about colonizing another worlds. Antarctica is the last place on Earth, a vast and unspoiled testament to nature's extremes. Pittsburgh has a giant Heinz ketchup bottle made of regular Heinz ketchup bottles. And it won World War II.

Here is the entire “cool” list:
1. Setouchi, Japan
2. Antarctica
3. Pittsburgh
4. Corsica
5. Cambodia
6. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
7. West Yorkshire, England
8. Hong Kong
9. Zimbabwe
10. Guyana
11. Oslo, Norway
12. Eritrea
13. KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
14. Bhutan
15. Dundee, Scotland
16. Uganda
17. Matera, Italy
18 Indonesia
19 Sibiu, Romania