Trump brags about high approval rating, then immediately blames Mueller for his low approval rating, calling it 'presidential harassment'

Trump can't make up his mind about his approval ratings, going from puffed up braggart last night to paranoid finger-pointer this morning.

Last night he posted a boastful tweet that his approval rating, according to a poll by right-leaning Rasmussen, was at 50%, along with his back-patting message, "Working hard, thank you!" No matter that all of the other pollsters have his approval rating at a low 39%-43%, and that his "aggregate approval rating is around 42 percent, as of Wednesday," according to The Washington Post. And no matter that he boasted about how much he is admired on the same day that he attended former president George H.W. Bush's funeral.

This this morning he did an about face, furious about his low approval rating, and blaming it all on the Mueller probe, calling it "presidential harrassment."

When will the madness end?

Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr