Here's a new, smarter way to learn a new language

At the rate the world is shrinking, you don't need to be a globetrotter for a second language to be a useful skill. And if you're looking to learn that second language (or a third, or fourth), uTalk Language Education is the learning program that makes progression not only easy but fun.

If you can't be among native speakers, there's not much of an immediate reward to rote memorization of words and phrases. That's why uTalk "gamifies" the process by folding the learning process into fun challenges and exercises. You can "level up" your fluency as you go along, getting verification on your pronunciation from native voice artists. Before long, you'll be picking up full sentences you can use in real-world conversations.

What's more, uTalk offers this learning structure for more than 130 languages, loads more than most other language apps. You can choose up to six with a lifetime subscription to uTalk Language Education for $24.99 – a drop from the previous sale price of $29.99.