Adam Ruins Big Tech: how monopolies, DRM, EULAs, and predatory tactics have delivered our dystopian future

The latest episode of the always-outstanding Adam Ruins Everything (previously) is my favorite yet: a wide-ranging look at the way that tech has exploited policy loopholes to monopolize control over repairs, features, parts and consumables; to spy on users; to use predatory pricing to crush competitors; to avoid taxation; and to become a force for oligarchic control.

But it's not a counsel of despair! Adam and his guests discuss how Big Tech can be cut down to size, using traditional tools like antitrust law, which will not make tech's leaders any less prone to evil fantasied — but it will limit their ability to turn those bad impulses into bad deeds.

You can see the whole episode if you're a Trutv subscriber, but in the meantime, the production has published a couple of great clips.

Disclosure: I'm proud to say I pitched this to Adam and his team, and I'm delighted to see how it turned out!