Pay what you want for this massive Adobe designer's arsenal

Adobe's design software catalog is essential to any graphics program, as much for their simplicity as their versatility. Anyone can be an effective graphic designer with tools like Illustrator and InDesign – and the right training in their potential. That's where the Adobe CC A-Z Lifetime Bundle comes in.

Whether you're getting your feet wet in graphic design or want to dive deeper into the functionality of the Adobe suite, this is the resource. The full 12 courses here cover both beginner and master classes in the essential tools like Illustrator and InDesign, but that's just for starters. You'll also learn all you need to know about web design in Adobe XD and video production with Premiere Pro and After Effects.

That's more than 100 hours of exhaustive training and resources, and it's available for (potentially) a 99% discount. The Adobe CC A-Z Lifetime Bundle is now on sale for a pay-what-you-want price.