Man rescued after two days stuck in Chinese restaurant grease vent

Firefighters rescued a 29-year-old California gentleman who was stuck for two days in the grease vent of a shuttered Chinese restaurant. Fortunately, the owner of a nearby business heard him yelling. According to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, the fellow has been "less than truthful about his true intentions." From NPR:

"He's all cleaned up and rehydrated," said (Sgt. Ray) Kelly, noting that it must have taken hours to rid the man of the "horrible smell."

"We know sometimes suspects try to break into businesses to steal copper wire and plumbing and recycling for money. This appears to be something along those lines, but not every solution is jail," Kelly said, adding that a police report has been filed and that "he may be charged at a later time."

"But we decided to be a little compassionate. We figured he's been through enough and it is in the holiday spirit," Kelly said.