Porch pirates sprayed with glitter and fart smell after opening fake package booby traps

We've all seen the videos of thieves shamelessly stealing packages off of people's porches. Now someone is fighting back.

That someone is former NASA-JPL engineer/current science YouTube star Mark Rober and he ain't playing nice. He's spent six months crafting a beautifully over-engineered revenge package that looks like an Apple product. After the thief nabs it, it first gloriously sprays a pound of glitter when opened and then follows up by spurting out fart spray every 30 seconds. Oh yeah, it also has several phone cameras inside recording it, so we get to watch it all go down. He says it might be his "Magnum Opus" and I may have to agree. It's pretty crazy.

"I've officially peaked. This was one of the most arduous builds in a long time just because there were so many single points of failure for the system (means LOTS of testing/tweaking). Thanks for watching and sharing with anyone you know who has had a package stolen."

Now, if you don't have building skills like Mark (and who does?), you can do what I do. I put junk I no longer want in empty boxes, tape it back up and leave it on my porch. (It's not my idea, I saw some meme that's been going around.)

Mark Rober previously on BB