THE BUREAU: Part Eight, "The Bombing of Building Number Four"

THE BUREAU by Ethan Persoff

Welcome back to The Bureau.

The Bureau is a complete soundtrack of a nine hour day at your job, beginning at 8:55am. Each music track is paired with a comic book panel. If new to story, a few highlights from the first seven installments:

A Buzzing Supply Cabinet at 9:19
An Introduction to Your Job Responsibilities at 10:32
A Peaceful Napkin Dispenser at 11:26
A Bold Clarinet Performance at 11:47
Revelry at 12:38
Rainfall at 1:27
Psychic Brain Attack at 2:25
Today: A Helicopter Ride at 3:42

Here's today's playlist:

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TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK (Wednesday, December 26, 4:08pm)