This writing assistant is more than just a spell-checker

Whether it's a simple work memo or a dating profile, make no mistake: You are being judged as much on your grammar as on your content. Maybe even more so. If you want to avoid the simple errors that cloud your message, the WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant guards against so much more than simple spelling errors.

WhiteSmoke activates equally well with a simple click in Microsoft Word, Outlook or browser-based text editors, using AI algorithms to flag your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. It'll even keep an eye out for potential plagiarism concerns thanks to a huge internal database. Equipped with all this, writing tutorials and a full-text translator for over 50 languages, it's no surprise that WhiteSmoke took the 2017 Gold award for writing enhancement software from TopTenReviews.

A lifetime premium subscription to the WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is available for a discounted $79 and includes all updates to come.