Move your data freely across all your devices with this key app

Ever lost music, contacts or priceless pictures during an iPhone upgrade? We'd pay for iMazing 2 just to avoid the hassle of going through that ever again. But the trusty app does more than just store your data. It lets you access them on any device and store them however you need.

This all-purpose data manager makes it easy to access anything you need, no matter what device you're on. Transfer images or video from Mac to PC (without going through iCloud or iTunes). Move your contacts from iPhone to a laptop. Listen to voicemails or memos on any device, anywhere – all with an app that's easy to use, enabling you to transfer files either wirelessly or by USB. Best of all, a Universal License lets you shuffle freely on an unlimited number of iOS devices and up to two PC or Mac computers.

Right now, iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows is $19.99.