My favorite end-of-year tradition: the Bullseye podcast standup comedy special

As is the case every year Maximum Fun's Jesse Thorn has posted a special episode (MP3) of the Bullseye podcast, anthologizing excerpts from the best comedy albums of the year.

Here's this year's contributors (Here's 2017 and here's 2016):

Gina YashereTicking Boxes
Laura House Mouth Punch
Adam Cayton-Holland Adam Cayton-Holland Performs His Signature Bits
Sara Hennessey They Know Too Much
Louie AndersonBig Underwear
Kimberly Clark – Live at Max Fun Con 2018
Emily HellerPasta
Nore Davis Too Woke
Jo Firestone The Hits
Dino Archie – Live at Max Fun Con 2018
Jen Kirkman Just Keep Livin'?
Nato Green The Whiteness Album