This soft pet 'recovery collar' is fantastic

This pet recovery collar stops my dog from licking where I do not want, and has caused zero damage or calamity to my home.

My Great Pyrenees has some pretty massive surgery scheduled. Insanely, he got a skin infection about two weeks before his Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy is scheduled, on the 23rd of December. Pet stores were closed and for 2 days I did all I could to keep him from licking at his skin, while I waited for my vet to open and for a real cone to be available.

From duct taping towels around his neck to fashioning cones from cardboard to sleeping on a hardwood floor next to him, I was desperate to see his skin condition clear up and for this dog's surgery to be on track. He has two knees that need bionic replacement, and we gotta get started. The poor guy is just miserable.

My vet put him on two types of antibiotics, but my brother brought me this ZenCone Soft Cone. Thank god for the cone! The dog can not lick or chew at himself, the cone doesn't get in the way a stiff plastic one does, and I can leave the dog alone for 15-20 minutes without worry. He has tried to remove it, but due to its soft nature, he can not really find purchase to pull it over his head.

He can pull a duct-taped towel roll off in about 2 seconds flat.

My buddy can still open doors with the cone on. He can still drink and eat from his bowls with no issue. he can not get at his hindquarters to lick or chew.

The cone is machine washable, which is great as we're gonna be using it for the next few months. I will be sleeping on the couch next to him, not the hardwood floor (I hope.)

ZenPet ProCone Pet E-Collar for Dogs and Cats via Amazon