Thieves use bulldozers to steal $2.3 million from armored van on highway

In southern Italy today, a brazen highway robbery in which thieves used bulldozers to pry open an armored van on the road.

Police say the thieves blocked the money-mobile off with two big vehicles on both sides, then ripped the doors off with the machine's giant digging jaws, then made off with at least 2 million euros, or $2.3 million in US dollars, in cash.

From Reuters:

The blue security van had left the city of Bari and was carrying pensions to be distributed in post offices in nearby Matera when it was blocked on the road by two lorries.

Two diggers then tore open the vehicle, using their mechanical arms like can openers to gain access to the cash.

The lorries were then set ablaze as the hooded thieves escaped with their loot in a waiting car. The three guards in the van were unharmed.

Images and video below.