WriterDuet Pro helps screenwriters collaborate online

Words on paper. It should be easy, but as any screenwriter can tell you, the road from the first scene to final draft can be a slog – especially if you're collaborating. Writers need a tool that will work with them, not get in their way. And for a growing number of industry veterans, WriterDuet Pro is the screenwriting software that best facilitates the creative process.

For starters, it lets you dive right into the story in preset, industry standard formatting, with local backups and auto-sync to ease any worries about losing work. When you're done, WriterDuet allows for exports to Final Draft, Celtx, Word, or a host of other writing platforms. But where it really shines is as a collaborative tool, with a real-time virtual cork board that lets co-authors trade and tweak ideas online, building an outline as though they were in the same room. Collaborators can see changes to the script, who changed them and when, paving the way for a finished masterpiece quicker and with a minimum of confusion.

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