Holy fudge is there conflicting information online about inducing brownie 'cakeyness'

I want fudgy brownies.

I am using a box mix that I really like, but I couldn't remember what I do to make brownies more 'fudgy,' so I searched the internet. That was fucking useless.

Her royal highness Martha Stewart's website claims more fat makes brownies fudgier, not changing the volume of eggs or the whites/yolks.

Out of the Box Brownies, a site dedicated to Brownies, says less eggs equals more fudge.

Folks at Fine Cooking might have some recipies that do what you want but offer only confusing, disconnected and less-than-useful info about WHAT MAKES THE FUDGINESS.

Honestly, Martha's advice sounds more like science to me than the others. I still do not know what to try, but adding butter until someone calls a cardiologist is usually a good approach.

(not sure what the brownies pictured are, but the images in our db.)

**UPDATE** 5:05pm

I used one egg and 3/4 cup of Kerrygold butter. They are delicious. Cripsy on the tops, but chewy tho not gooey on the inside.