Learn the essential tools of graphic design in one master class

It should be no secret by now that thanks to Adobe's ubiquitous suite of design software, graphic designers do the bulk of their work in front of a computer screen. Why shouldn't they learn those tools of the trade the same way? If you're looking to kickstart a design career, the Graphic Design Certification School offers training and proof of your skills in one easy online package.

In 41 hours and hundreds of engaging, interactive lessons, the school takes you through the three main centerpieces of Adobe's cloud-based graphic design software suite. Learn to manipulate and layer images with Photoshop. Create innovative logos and flowing text in Illustrator. Put it all together in an eye-catching InDesign document. Then, turn your well-earned Continuing Professional Development certificate into a rewarding career in the creative arm of any number of fields.

If you needed a further excuse to take the plunge, lifetime access to the lessons and materials in the Graphic Design Certification School is on deep discount for $39 today. Plus, take an additional 19% off with code NEWYEAR2019