Listen to haunting Ethiopian hymns over the buzzing Harp of David

Listen above to Sosena Gebre Eyesus's deeply spiritual and enchanting Ethiopian Orthodox hymns sung over the Begena, a ten string instrument also known as the Harp of David. Previously only on cassette, Eyesus's self-titled album is now available as a digital download or vinyl edition from the fine folks at Little Axe Records in Portland, Oregon.

Since ancient times the Harp of David has been used as an aural balm, a soother of evil and disturbed spirits —its low, buzzing tones widely noted for their ability to sweetly refresh one's soul. Said to have been brought to Ethiopia in biblical times by Menelik I, it has long been the central instrument used to accompany Ethiopian Orthodox hymns, which Eyesus plays here in an absolutely entrancing manner while softly singing songs of devotional reflection.

Sosena Gebre Eyesus – self-titled (Little Axe)

Below, "Orthodox Tewahedo – Begena Derdari Sosina Gebre Eyesus – Getachine Begergeme":